Bruno Stow-Away™


The innovative Stow-Away™ power transfer seat from United Access was designed specifically for pickup trucks and higher SUV's. Mounted under the vehicle in a sealed case, the Stow-Away™ comes out and stops at the desired height for and easy transfer. Once on, the seat raises you to the optimal height for getting into the vehicle.


  • Vehicle interior is not affected one bit! Keeps all your seats and space functional!
  • Does not affect factory seat and all of its functions (recline, forward/backward, heat/cool, etx.).
  • Fully automatic operation; can be stopped at any point for ideal transfer height.
  • No structural modification to your vehicle - wil not affect resale.
  • Discretely "stows" underneath vehicle.
  • Single switch, one-button operation.
  • Does not affect Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
  • Can reinstall on your next vehicle.
  • Fully powered by vehicle battery.
  • Driver side and passenger side front seat applications available.
  • Vehicle-specific mounting kits provide a safe and precise installation. (check with your local Bruno dealer to confirm compatibility with your vehicle)
  • Emergency Manual backup system.
More about the Bruno PUL-1850