Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle

While the automobile is often times used as a metaphor for freedom, there is no vehicle that offer the total freedom of a motorcycle. For those who are physically disabled below the waist and who harbor a love for exploring the open road in something more liberating than a car van, that freedom is attainable once again through our wheelchair accessible motorcycle.

A Wheelchair Trike with Power, Speed & Style

Combining the highest-quality materials, a powerful engine and an innovative design, The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle is made especially for those who can no longer ride in a standard motorcycle, but who are not ready to give up the exilaration of riding a motorbike, and a big one at that.

The Conquest wheelchair motorcycle has an 1170 CC engine that can keep up with -- and probably outrun -- quite a bit of the competition. This three wheel motorcycle trike can hit 60 mph within 7.6 seconds of leaving the line. The top speed is a blazing 105 mph, too fast for highways, but certainly enough to guarantee that you will never run short of power when it's needed. The wheelchair motorcycle's stylish design makes it something unique on the road.

Ride With Convenience & Maneuverability

The Conquest doesn't mean riding alone. This handicap accessible motorcycle can take passengers along for the ride and high-end suspension at both ends of the motorbike means that handling and control aren't compromised by extra weight. The chassis offers remarkable stability without losing the precise maneuverability for which motorcycles are known, and loved.

driver mounts the wheelchair accessible motorcycle via an automatic rearward ramp. The trike accommodates both the driver and their wheelchair by a secure locking mechanism with a push-button release to ensure a stable driving platform. All our handicap accessible trikes come with a reverse gear for ease of maneuverability and parking. The push button Kicktronic shift controls makes accelerating through the motorbike's six gears a breeze.

The Conquest makes the open road accessible to anyone who craves the thrill of being on a motorcycle.

Conquest Wheelchair Motorcycle

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