Mobility SVM Wheelchair Trucks & SUVs

Handicap Accessible Truck Conversions

Who would drive a wheelchair minivan when United Access has accessible trucks from Mobility SVM? Wheelchair users have been restricted to a handicap van conversion instead of a four wheel drive truck for years. Mobility SVM manufacturers an innovative wheelchair truck conversion that makes the off road dream a reality. These rugged mobility vehicles for sale at United Access allow all the benefits of a pickup with none of the drawbacks of a minivan or full size van. The wheelchair lift system has been engineered for driver or passenger applications. For hauling, towing, or safer driving during inclement weather, there is nothing that compares to the Mobility SVM wheelchair accessible truck conversion.

United Access currently sells handicap truck conversions on Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra trucks (1500 or 2500) Ford trucks are not converted at this time.

  • Customer selects a model with a crew cab or extended cab so there is enough space for lift placement.
  • 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive models are available.
  • Not all wheelchairs will fit all Mobility SVM trucks, and some may require additional modifications.
  • Taller and slightly wider individuals can be accommodated, but handicap truck must be special ordered.
  • Back seat functionality is retained in Mobility SVM mobility pickups so 5 passenger seating capacity is typically retained.

mobilitysvm street edition   See the new Street Edition accessory package from Mobility SVM. Please click here for more information.

mobilitysvm sportsman edition   See the new Sportsman Edition accessory pagkage from Mobility SVM. Please click here for more information.

Currently, United Access has Mobility SVM trucks in stock and they are available immediately.

United Access has driver side lift conversions on Extended or Crew Cab GM and Chevy trucks.


Handicap Accessible SUV Conversions

If you're looking for the utility of a truck and the passenger capacity of a van, look no further! Finally, a full-conversion vehicle with seating for everyone and the reliability of a full-sized SUV. Mobility SVM's conversion comfortably seats up to 8 passengers. These wheelchair accessible SUVs are designed to turn heads and keep your family safe.

Wheelchair accessible SUV conversions are available through United Access for your new Chevrolet Suburban LS and GMC Yukon XL.

  • Driver or Passenger side lifts are available with up to 750 lbs. standard lift capacity.
  • 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive models are available.
  • Drivers side lift pans accomodate wheelchairs up to 29" wide and 41" long.
  • Passenger side lift pans accomodate wheelchairs up to 26.75" wife and 41" long..

These are only some of the many mobility products we offer. Please contact us for more information.