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Ms. Wheelchair Colorado

Jordanne Menzies knows that nothing can hold her back.
The native Coloradan, who was just crowned Ms. Wheelchair Colorado 2017, comes from a big family based in Grand Junction. At 18, Jordanne fell asleep at the wheel. She woke up in the hospital and soon realized she was paralyzed from the shoulders down – and this was the first challenge of many for Jordanne to overcome. In the months that followed, she spent the majority of her time in recovery, working her way through physical therapy and rehabilitation programs, including one at Craig Hospital, a world-renowned facility in Englewood that specializes in spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

Despite the challenges that she faced, Jordanne has remained brightly optimistic in her outlook on life. It didn’t take her too long to find ways to turn her disability into a source of advocacy.

Ms Wheelchair Colorado

When Jordanne found out about the Ms. Wheelchair Colorado 2017 contest, she immediately expressed interest in competing. She joined the competition because she liked what the Ms. Wheelchair Colorado contest stood for; the contest is not a beauty pageant, rather, it focuses on advocacy for people with disabilities. It seeks to offer women with disabilities a platform to reach others seeking support and to make a difference in her local communities. Jordanne’s platform centers on helping children with disabilities. She drives impact by targeting local schools, where she initiates conversations about accessibility. Another mission that Jordanne is passionate about is to speak to high school students about suicide prevention. Jordanne has experienced these feelings of depression after her accident and wants to share her story with these students. On top of these two major issues, Jordanne wants to address bullying in the local high schools. Key to her message is the importance of finding trusted individuals to talk to about instances of bullying. Jordanne plans to share her personal experience with bullying, which she believes will be hugely powerful for her teen audience. Jordanne also sees a need for quality therapy in the Grand Junction area, which lacks options for someone in a seeking therapy and other medical resources.

Jordanne’s next goal is to compete in the final competition, Ms. Wheelchair America 2018, in August. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Jordanne to fly to Pennsylvania and compete in the national competition. Jordanne needs your help if she is going to be able to travel to Pennsylvania. She is currently raising funds through her Go Fund Me page to be able to travel to this next step to compete. With her dedication and upbeat, positive attitude, Jordanne is a fantastic representative for the state of Colorado. She could absolutely win the national competition if she is able to get there to join contestants from every state who are also seeking this prestigious title. Jordanne is asking the community to help her get to Ms. Wheelchair America.

The Go Fund Me link is below for anyone who would like to donate today to her road to Pennsylvania!

Meet BraunAbility

A new standard in WAV design and style

With over 40 years of experience, BraunAbility sets the global standard for manufacturing wheelchair accessible vans and mobility lifts. The company has a truly unique history. The founder and pioneer of wheelchair vans, Ralph Braun, was a wheelchair user himself. Ralph Braun was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and consequently was unable to walk by the age of 15. Ralph found that being pushed in a manual wheelchair, then carried in and out of the car, was tedious for everyone involved. In an effort to regain his independence, Ralph set out to build his own mobility devices. Ralph’s first innovation was the electric scooter called the Tri-Wheeler. He soon realized that he had a set of skills for engineering and technology. Before long, Ralph built a wheelchair lift and steering controls for his vehicle; this was the first time that Ralph could drive by himself. He quickly realized that his perseverance to provide this independence again for himself was needed by so many other people with physical disabilities. Ralph started his company with a handful of employees and subsequently launched the mobility industry. For forty years, Ralph Braun created innovations at BraunAbility that dramatically altered wheelchair users’ livelihoods. Today, BraunAbility has 1,000 employees that are all working hard to keep changing the world of the mobility industry. Ralph Braun passed away in 2013, but his legacy will always live on within his family, clients and loyal employees.


With each year that passes, BraunAbility expands its product lines to provide more options to accommodate people with unique needs – and their families. The side-entry ramp is a popular option that BraunAbility offers on many different minivans, such as the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. The fit and finish of the conversion on the minivan chassis sets the BraunAbility apart from other manufacturers. The Power Foldout XT is a widely preferred among wheelchair users. The Power Foldout XT offers fourteen inches of dropped floor, a power folding ramp and many other features. The Power In-floor conversion is another great option for wheelchair users who prefer a ramp that slides inside the van floor. The in-floor ramp offers an unobstructed doorway for easy entry and exit of the vehicle. The Rear Entry Manual Ramp is a great option for families or a wheelchair user that has a caregiver. The manual rear entry ramp comes out easily with a manual folding option. The BraunAbility rear entry ramp is a more affordable option so a great fit for families. Additionally, BraunAbility offers a line of wheelchair lifts. The wheelchair lift can be installed on your unconverted vehicle for ease of use and transporting your scooter or wheelchair. Finally, one of the most exciting innovations by BraunAbility is the Ford Explorer MXV – the first ever wheelchair accessible SUV, built on the Ford Explorer. The MXV has the Power Infloor ramp that is lighted for your convenience. There is an optional towing package that can be included on the Ford Explorer MXV. United Access is a proud dealer of BraunAbility’s conversions and products. Come talk to us today about your options!