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Automotive Mechanic Technician

Service Department

The principal function of the automotive mechanic technician is to inspect, diagnose, repair and maintain mobility vehicles which are converted to have either a ramp or lift suitable for wheelchair use. It is vital that these additional features of the vehicle are functioning to specifications for the convenience and safety of the customer.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Listen to customers’ description of the problem and diagnose the problem in an accurate, timely fashion.
  • Determine the best route of action depending on the diagnosis of the problem and the needs of the customer.
  • Complete repairs, installations and upkeep of converted vehicles in a high-quality manner.
  • Maintain a wide knowledgeable base of conversion vehicles and the constant changes and advancements taking place to better service the vehicles.
  • Document and fill out paperwork pertaining to the cases you work through, from diagnosis to servicing the vehicle.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:


Familiarity of the mobility industry and the different needs of one with a disability are recommended. It is beneficial to have knowledge of converted vehicles along with an understanding of their engineering.


An associate’s degree in Automotive Technology or related field is required. ASE certification is strongly recommended.


At least three years of automotive service experience or one year of mobility service experience is required.


One must be able to adapt to changing technology and repair techniques. Good written and oral communication skills are important. A good service technician possesses great problem solving skills, patience and persistence. They are also very detail oriented and have superb analytical skills.

Tools Used:

Electronic diagnostic equipment, digital manuals, reference materials, power tools, machine tools, welding equipment, and hand tools

Work Environment:

  • The service technician will be working indoors in a well-vented and well-lighted repair shop.
  • There will be times when the shop will be noisy due to power and machine tools.
  • The technician will be frequently working with dirty, greasy parts and be working in awkward positions.
  • The service technician will also have to be able to move heavy parts/machinery up to 30 pounds.

Additional Information

Many of our clients are people who are physically disabled in one way or another. All of these cases require the respect and thoughtfulness of all around them. It is vital to our industry to understand the nature of these disabilities and professionally assist clients in a manner that makes them feel confident in the product they are purchasing.

Matt Kramer

Automotive Mechanic Technician

“I take pride in the fact that we have many repeat customers that rely on us to keep their older equipment running, some that have been customers for many years even decades. It gives the daily grind a sense of purpose and makes our work very rewarding.”

Employment Application

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