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Hand Controls & Driving Aids for Handicap Vehicles

Before you start shopping for driving controls, you should have already been evaluated by a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist. This ensures that the client is physically and cognitively capable of operating a motor vehicle, and ensures that the client is prescribed the appropriate driving devices for his or her unique needs and abilities. There are two typical parts to a driving evaluation; a clinical assessment and an on the road assessment. To be eligible for an on the road assessment a client must be 16 years of age or older, have a valid driver’s license or temporary permit, and be one year seizure free or have a medical physician release.

United Access has cultivated great relationships with Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialists in all of our markets through the years. It is important that each potential driver be evaluated for the safety of the individual, as well as, the safety of the other drivers on the road. If you are interested in becoming a driver, United Access can put you in contact with a Driver Evaluator in your local area.

United Access offers many different types of Mechanical Hand Controls from manufacturers including Creative Controls Inc., MPS Corporation, Mobility Products & Design, Sure Grip, Veigel and more. Our Mobility Technicians are trained and certified to install and service driving controls from every industry leading manufacturer.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you find the right solution for your driving needs.

Driving Aid Brands

Creative Controls, Inc.

Creative Controls Inc. (CCI) offers hand controls, steering devices, secondary controls and foot controls.


Veigel offers hand controls, foot controls, extension controls and steering aids.


Electronic Mobility Controls (EMC) offers primary and secondary control options, orthotic devices and more.


Manufacturing & Production Services (MPS) offers hand and foot controls, steering devices and accessories.

Sure Grip

Sure Grip offers hand controls, foot controls, secondary controls and steering aids.

Wells Engberg

Wells Engberg offers hand control options and a pneumatic control.

Wheelchair Van Hand Controls

Hand controls allow a driver to accelerate and brake with their hands instead of their feet. Options available for left and right handed customers. United Access offers a selection of hand controls for most vehicle types so that you are able to regain your independence and are able to be in control of your own transportation. All of the hand control equipment we offer is manufactured by the most trusted names in the industry.

Wheelchair Van Foot Controls

Foot controls help to extend the gas and brake pedals so that the driver can reach the foot pedals easier. Foot controls can also help guard the gas or brake pedal from use if hand controls are in place. United Access offers a selection of foot controls for most vehicle types so that you are able to regain your independence and are able to be in control of your own transportation.

Wheelchair Van Extension Controls

Extension controls allows the driver to reach foot pedals, turn signals, parking brake, gear shift, and any other levers needed by the driver on the steering wheel.

Wheelchair Van Steering Aids

Wheelchair steering aids provide grips, spinner knobs, and prosthetic hook and hand securement for your steering wheel. These grips allow you to steer and use hand controls to operate your vehicle. In general, these controls allow you to stabilize your palm and fingers, turn the wheel easier when hand controls are in use, use a prosthetic hook safely and comfortably while steering, and manage the steering wheel when there is low wrist stability or limited to no hand grip strength.

Get More Information on the Driving Aids Options

Call a Mobility Specialist at 877-501-8267 and let United Access help you find the right driving aid to best suit your mobility needs.