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Are there special programs for Military Veterans?

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Answer: Absolutley 

The Veterans’ Administration offers a one-time veterans automobile grant of $21,488.29 for 100% Service Connected Veterans that meet stringent guidelines. Veterans who are 100% Service Connected are eligible for two handicap vehicle conversions every four years or one every two years. Veterans that trade their modified vehicle in every two years typically have less out-of-pocket expense getting into a new wheelchair van than a veteran that trades at a later date. Veterans and service members can apply for the automobile and/or the special adaptive equipment grant by completing VA Form 21-4502. The Mobility Specialists at United Access work closely the local VA offices to make sure we have the most up to date information to help you through this purchase.

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United Access proudly supports our countrys Veterans. Let us assist you in finding the right wheelchair accessible vehicle to fit your specific needs. We can help you access the grants and programs you’ve earned through your dedication and service.

Let us help answer any other questions you may have by giving us a call, filling out our quick question form, or stopping by one of our showrooms. Our experts are knowledgeable and here to help.

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