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What is a wheelchair accessible vehicle?

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Answer: A wheelchair-accessible van is a vehicle that has been modified by increasing the interior size of the vehicle and equipping it with a means of wheelchair entry, such as a wheelchair ramp or powered lift.

Wheelchair accessible vans come in a variety of different setups and options that are dependant on the specific needs of the wheelchair user. Wheelchair vans are normally created with one of two entry points, either from the side of the vehicle or the rear. Rear entry vans are normaly built using a ramp while the side entry allows for either a ramp or a lift. Ramps are available in either manual or automatic operation, also based on the specific needs f the wheelchair user, and/or a caregiver.

Braun Dodge Rearramp

Vans that are converted must be compliant with stringent ADA requirements. United Access works with only the best manufactures to ensure your van is safe, reliable, and meets the specific needs of the wheelchair user. Our manufacturer partners include ATC, BraunAbility, Revability, VMI and more.  


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