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Wheelchair Accessible Vans & Handicap Vehicles for Sale and Rent in McAllen, Texas

Your Hometown Choice for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

Proudly serving the Houston accessibility community for over 25 years

Your mobility always comes first with United Access in Houston, Texas. Our extensive line of wheelchair accessible vans and driving aids are custom fitted for your needs. With access to BraunAbility and VMI products, our mobility specialists are sure to find the right wheelchair vehicle for you–at the right price so you’re secure in every way.

Wheelchair vans and accessible equipment make life easier but going all over to find and purchase a wheelchair van is anything but easy. That’s why United Access allows you to shop and buy from the comfort of your own home! You get access to local wheelchair van inventory plus new BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles. You can shop at your local United Access while taking advantage of our nationwide presence. That means you have access to our entire inventory of wheelchair vans and accessible equipment. This is a true online shopping experience.

You’ll be able to:
⦁ Check finance rates
⦁ Calculate payment options
⦁ Schedule a home assessment, or get help live!

The power of partnership with BraunAbility, PLUS showroom service…direct to your home. BraunAbility and United Access make it easy to buy from home, saving your trips for the fun things!

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Highest Quality Wheelchair Vans in the Industry

As a licensed BraunAbility dealer, United Access in Houston specializes in BraunAbility conversions and vans. We work with the best to provide our customers with the best. It’s our duty to our community.

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Customized Mobility Vans for Your Specific Needs

As a premier handicap accessible vehicle dealer, our team is expertly trained on BraunAbility and VMI inventory alike. Let our mobility specialists show you your vast options at United Access in Houston, Texas.

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Largest Selection of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in Texas

Our extensive inventory includes both rear-entry and side-entry vans, vans with lifts, vans with ramps, and other mobility conversions. Let our mobility specialists help find the perfect vehicle for you.

Mcallen Location

Reviews for United Access in McAllen, TX



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I had a wonderful experience with the folks at Adaptive Driving Access (ADA). As you know when you are disabled, you really depend on your mobility vehicle to get around. They are essentially your legs to get around town… and mine (Unfortunately) decided to stop functioning correctly. The sliding door where the ramp comes out to allow me to enter and exit my van just stopped working (on a Sunday of all days). I had little hope of anyone being able to help me until sometime during the week. However, I was extremely fortunate to get in contact with Manuel Mercado from ADA. He came by my apartment (On Sunday…. His day off!); he did an assessment and adjusted the hinge and did some other maintenance to get the van functional. However, he advised me not to drive it because that hinge needed to be replaced and could jump off the railing again. So we made arrangement that he would stop by the next day in the morning; make sure I could safely get in the van and we drove to the ADA office where he and the other mechanics got to work and brought my van back up to code. And now, it’s working good as new. It goes without saying, that someone willing to go out of their way to help you in your time of need –especially when it’s not really the most convenient time for them- is greatly appreciate and speak to the level of character and commitment of that individual. I am grateful that Manuel Mercado is that type of person. If you have a mobility van that needs attention… take it to people of Adaptive Driving Access (Soon to be called United Access)… they will take good care of you.

Robert Garza
united access review image

We’ve had our van a year now and I’m finally getting around to leaving a review. My son is in a wheelchair and anyone with a loved one in a wheelchair knows that getting around isn’t the easiest. Marisol and Manuel were the only people willing to bring a van to us to look at and we really appreciated that. After we saw that we were able to fit in the van as a family, Marisol took the time to find us the exact color combo we wanted plus the sunroof. She never lost patience with us which is impressive. Whenever we decide to trade it in, we’re definitely going here with them.

Goat Mom
united access review image
Ricardo Gavito
united access review image
Have always had great service and Marisol and Manuel have always gone above and beyond with our purchases. We are currently on our 6th van.
Jean Palmer
united access review image
Excellent customer service. Always made us feel like family. Staff very professional, patient, courteous and respectful. We are very happy with our van. They are the best !!
Jose Gonzalez
united access review image
I was I was recommended to have my vehicle checked for built in wheelchair they were outrageous and kind they came on in a tender this quick they were very attentive and smooth they answered all my questions they were there to help me out on having my truck fixed for a wheelchair lift they were great bye 

Rey Flores

united access review image

ADA has helped me so much with great vehicle modifications that I hadn’t even thought of. Their great work, in working together with recommendations from other professionals has allowed me to stay Independent and continue to drive, to work, travel and just enjoy my life to the fullest. Thanks ADA for everything you do.

Mario Martinez
united access review image
Really great place to get my van transfer chair adjusted.
Alice Nash

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