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Wheelchair Van Financing

Budget-Friendly Financing for Your Next Accessible Vehicle Purchase

A wheelchair vehicle is a significant investment – United Access is here to help you finance it. We’ve partnered with Braunability Finance, the industry’s first dedicated financing provider, to secure our customers great rates, shorter terms, and convenient service. It’s what United Access customers deserve, and it’s what BraunAbility Finance guarantees.

What you can expect:

  • Clearly defined financing options
  • Same-day approval of your application – typically in less than 60 minutes!
  • United Access to help complete and submit all the paperwork required for funding
  • United Access to provide DMV licensing on the selected vehicle

Additional cost-saving opportunities include:

  • A doctor’s prescription may exempt sales tax on the vehicle
  • Research if there are any Disabled Veterans programs that may cover all or part of your expenses
  • There may be Vocational Rehabilitation or Workman’s Compensation policies that will assist with creative mobility products for specific disability
  • You may qualify for income tax credits, please check with your accountant
  • State offices like the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation or the Division of Developmental Services may be able to provide additional funding
  • Your selected vehicle may qualify for manufacturer rebate or incentive programs

Get started today!

Once the online application is received, BraunAbility Finance will share with third-party financing vendors to provide term and rate options – in less than 60 minutes. Please consider that often financing will require a down payment of at least 10% at the time of purchase. If your credit scores are low (subprime), be prepared for a larger down payment to be requested.

Need some assistance? We are here to help make this process easier for you. Speak to us directly today at 877-203-7237.

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