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EZ Lock - BL-6290 Docking System

The BL-6290 Base Lock: The Heart of the EZ LOCK Wheelchair Docking System. Casing is sturdy 3/16 inch powder coated steel. Locking Jaws are 1/4 inch steel coated with a permanently bonded lubricant. Entry into docking system lock is mechanical, and release is attained by an electrical pull solenoid. Emergency mechanical release is also incorporated (in case the vehicle loses battery power). The base lock is mounted to the wheelchair vehicle floor and acts as a docking receiver for the interfacing pin mounted to the wheelchair.

The Wheelchair Bracket: The interface bracket is mounted to the wheelchair allowing it to lock into the BL-6290 docking base. The EZ Lock system can accommodate a wide array of wheelchair styles, including both manual and power wheelchairs. Although we provide an interface for most of the wheelchairs currently on todays market, it is advisable to check with EZ LOCK, or your local adaptive equipment dealer, to ensure we have a system appropriate for your particular wheelchair

When consulting your dealer about availability it is helpful to have a) name of the manufacturer, b) wheelchair model, c) model number, and d) note of any accessories that might interfere with the bracket installation (i.e. reclining or elevating seat, vent tray etc)

The ECU-3 Control Panel : The Main User Interface for EZ LOCK Wheelchair Docking System: Functions include release, alarm buzzer deactivation for unoccupied use, and an array of warning indicators. Green light signifies locking jaws are completely closed and system is safe to use. Yellow light means locking jaws are not completely closed, and the user should exit, then re-enter base lock. Red light indicates docking system has been de-activated, and is for unoccupied use only.

Ezlock Bl 6290

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