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Wheelchair Van Industry Leaders Join Forces

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United Access Partners with Performance Mobility

Historic partnership promises better customer service for people with disabilities

Just weeks into a new year, United Access has officially partnered with the third-largest mobility dealership in the country, Performance Mobility. This achievement adds nine new locations to United Access’ list of stores, bringing our total to twenty-six locations. We are thrilled that this westward expansion offers us the opportunity to serve even more people with disabilities who need a wheelchair van or other vehicle modifications to live their lives to the fullest.

Richard May, President of United Access, has published a statement in regards to this decision. We ask that you take a moment to read his thoughts.

Dear friends and customers of United Access:

January 18, 2017 officially marks the day we welcomed Performance Mobility to the United Access family. Performance Mobility, a leading mobility dealership with nine locations across the country’s western regions, will join forces with United Access to serve even more people with disabilities as they seek freedom and independence on the road.

Part of our decision to partner with Performance Mobility was based on our deep respect for the company’s people and culture. Twenty years under the United Access banner has taught us many things, but the most important lesson we’ve learned is that sticking to the clear, simple goal of providing the best customer service, period, has earned us endless opportunities to give people the gift of freedom and independence. As we continue to grow, we’ll keep providing more opportunities for internal development and personal growth. In short, we are surely stronger together.

As you know, our promise is to provide the best customer service, period, as we help those in our communities understand and support accessibility for all. Now, our premier dealership has more resources, and a wider diversity of ideas, to help us find ways to improve our customer service.

This is the largest acquisition we have completed to date, and we would not have achieved this goal without the diligent effort of our staff and the ongoing faith and trust of our customers and friends. So, thank you for your support of our growth. We are very eager to start this new chapter of United Access’ story with you.


Richard May
President, United Access

Over the next several months, we will be working diligently to marry the culture of Performance with that of United Access as we adopt and refine the processes that contribute to our reputation for strong customer service.

Additionally, you can rest assured and rely on your local UA store to continue offering top-notch service to your vehicle. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or feedback to share. As always, we are here to listen.