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Find Your Wheelchair Van at United Access

Find freedom with a wheelchair-accessible van suited for your exact needs. United Access, a premier wheelchair van dealer, offers new and used wheelchair vans for sale with all of the features you’re looking for. From full-size vans and minivans to other accessible vehicles, you’ll find a tool for independence at United Access.

We work with premium accessible vehicle manufacturers you can trust, including BraunAbility, VMI, and more, who are known in the industry for quality wheelchair van conversions.

The Features You Need

Each of our wheelchair vans offers the following standard features:

Functionality: Travel with more than one wheelchair.

Flexibility: Drive in your wheelchair with removable front seats or use a transfer seat to leave the chair in back.

Peace of Mind: Each van comes with ADA-approved wheelchair securement systems.

Reliability: You’ll have warranty coverage for 3-years/36,000 miles on new conversions.

Safety: Each of our vans meet the requirements as outlined by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) per agreements with the NHTSA.

We can also help you choose additional features to make using a wheelchair van easier and more convenient.

Hand Controls: Use your hands to brake and accelerate.

Foot Controls: We can extend the length of the foot pedals or stop them from engaging at all.

Extension Controls: We’ll make sure you can reach everything you need, from the turn signal to the gear shift.

Steering Aids: If you have compromised grip, our selection of steering knobs, grips, and hand securements make sure you can still drive on your own.

You have choices when it comes to finding the right wheelchair van for you. 

Choose from…

Side Entry

Wheelchair-accessible vans with side entry doors make it easy to drop passengers off right at the curb. Side-entry wheelchair vehicles typically come with removable seats, giving you flexible arrangement options for any situation. If you want to drive yourself, a side-entry vehicle is the right choice.

Keep in mind that side-entry vans are better for parallel parking; when you use them with a ramp, you will need a second handicap parking space where the ramp can be placed.

Rear Entry

Rear-entry wheelchair vans are often a cost-effective choice for wheelchair users who want to be a full-time passenger. These vans come with a lowered area in the back of the van that is perfect for a fold-out ramp. If your family is made up of people who do and do not use wheelchairs, a rear-entry van can accommodate everyone’s needs.

Parallel parking is difficult with rear-entry vans, as you will need significant space at the back of the van for the ramp; we recommend you use rear-entry vans in parking lots.


You can decide how to enter and exit your vehicle. In van conversions with a lowered floor, an extended ramp that folds out or slides out is a reliable entry and exit method.


Wheelchair lifts are the ultimate choice for convenience as the device raises and lowers the person in the wheelchair. Our wheelchair van conversions offer both hydraulic and electric lifts.

Our selection of new wheelchair vans and used wheelchair vans offer dozens of options with varying extra features.

Are minivans not quite your style? We also sell accessible full-size vans, SUVs, and pick-up trucks from RAM, Ford, and Chevrolet. No matter your needs or taste, our wheelchair van sales representatives will help you find the right handicap van for you.

Choose a Brand You Know

While all of the options may seem overwhelming, we keep it simple when it comes to choosing a mobility vehicle. Our inventory is comprised of the same makes and models you already know and trust, so you don’t need to research entirely new companies or wonder if the models meet the same quality standards.

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BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse

We are proud to offer the BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse, the most spacious powered ramp-accessible SUV in the industry! Whether you are a wheelchair passenger or driver, this is the best handicap-accessible SUV on the market.

View our Chevrolet inventory >

Chrysler Pacifica and Town & Country

We are proud to offer the Chrysler Pacifica and Town & Country handicap-accessible minivans. We also offer both power and manual side-entry and rear-entry wheelchair van conversions for the Town and Country. Chrysler minivan conversions are fully accessible for scooters too! 

We are proud to offer the Chrysler Pacifica and Town & Country handicap-accessible minivans. We also offer both power and manual side-entry and rear-entry wheelchair van

View our Chrysler inventory >

Dodge Grand Caravan SE and SXT

United Access offers Dodge Grand Caravan handicap and wheelchair van conversions. The Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair van also offers power and manual side-entry and rear-entry conversions. The rear entry and side entry conversions are scooter accessible.

View our Dodge inventory >

Honda Odyssey EX-L

The Honda Odyssey side-entry conversion is available with powered and manual ramps. The power side entry features a folding ramp and in-floor ramp. The rear-entry conversion is available with a manual ramp. Honda Odyssey wheelchair and handicap vehicles can be converted on both new and used chassis.

View our Honda Inventory>

Toyota Sienna XLE

United Access is proud to offer both new and used Toyota wheelchair and handicap mobility vans. The Toyota Sienna side-entry van conversion is available in both power and manual ramps. The power side entry features a folding ramp and in-floor ramp. You can convert both new and used Toyota Siennas

View our Toyota Inventory>

The Manufacturers You Can Trust

We work with the most reliable wheelchair van manufacturers in the industry. The manufacturers we work with adhere to strict safety guidelines, meet ADA restrictions, and include important and convenient features in each of their vehicles.

BraunAbility is a well-known wheelchair van manufacturer with some of the best selection available. They’ve been in business for over 45 years and actually developed the first wheelchair lift. Today, BraunAbility offers both wheelchair vans and SUVs that you can rely on for years. View our BraunAbility inventory here.

Vantage Mobility International, better known as VMI, has been selling wheelchair-accessible vehicles since 1987. They offer minivan and full-size van conversions and mobility aids. View our VMI inventory here.

AMS Vans offers cost-effective wheelchair van conversions and mobility equipment. View our AMS inventory here.

ATC offers stylish yet functional vehicles for every lifestyle with a focus on trucks and SUVs. View our ATC inventory here.

FR Conversions are an innovative manufacturer in the conversion space. View our FR inventory here.

Mobility SVM offers an alternative to wheelchair vans with their high-quality wheelchair-accessible pick-up trucks. View our Mobility SVM inventory here.

Rollx is one of the largest manufacturers of personal wheelchair vans in the nation and offer an excellent manufacturer’s warranty. View our Rollx inventory here.

Ryno Mobility creates adaptable and accessible conversions for all different types of vehicles. See our Ryno inventory here.

Tempe Mobility focuses on minivan and full-size conversions for new and pre-owned vehicles. See our Tempe inventory here.

TransitWorks develops commercial wheelchair vans for commercial shuttles and non-emergency medical transport, including ambulettes and other ADA-compliant vehicles. See our TransitWorks inventory here.

A Full-Service Wheelchair Van Dealership

United Access has been helping make life more accessible since 1997. As the second-largest accessible vehicle dealership in the United States, we know all about helping our customers find freedom in mobility.

Our number one priority providing our customers with access—access to wheelchair vans, access to financing, and access to freedom.

If you need a wheelchair van but are concerned about financing, our Mobility Specialists are here to help. We offer van rentals for short-term needs, but we’re also dedicated to helping you find long-term solutions. We’ll work with you to understand all of your available financing options. We’ll look to see if Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Affairs programs apply to your situation. We’re also well-versed in applying for public and private grants, reaching out to private charitable organizations, and setting up private fundraisers. We also offer no-obligation appraisals if you want to trade in your current vehicle. No matter your financial situation, we’ll do our best to get you the mobility equipment you need.

We know that wheelchair vans are not the solution to every issue you may encounter, so we’ve compiled a list of mobility resources that our past and current customers have found useful. Our Mobility Specialists are not just salespeople; we want to help you live your life to the fullest in every way possible.

Find out why so many people make United Access their mobility van dealership, and then come see for yourself. Give us a call today or come by one of our 25 locations to get started on finding the right wheelchair van for you!

United Access has a wide selection of wheelchair van conversions for sale. Contact our nearby handicap vehicle dealership to find our best prices on handicap minivans or full-size wheelchair van conversions in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Utah, Tennessee, Missouri, New York.