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Wheelchair Lifts & Scooter Lifts

United Access offers a variety of wheelchair lifts and handicap scooter lifts by our trusted mobility manufacturers. If you are new to the world of adaptable solutions and mobility products, give us a call and we will help you find the right wheelchair van lift.

BraunAbility® | Wheelchair Lifts for Full Size Vans

BraunAbility’s Under Vehicle Lift for wheelchair van accessibility function exactly how it sounds. The wheelchair lift is installed underneath your handicap vehicle, leaving the interior free of barriers. BraunAbility also provides an interior mobility lift for your vehicle. These interior scooter and wheelchair lifts are the Millennium Lift and Century Lift. All BraunAbility vehicle lifts are automatic and designed for installation on the side of a full size wheelchair van.

Bruno | Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts

Transport your wheelchair/scooter inside or outside your handicap minivan or full-sized wheelchair van with a Bruno scooter or powerchair lift. All choices offer easy operation, uncompromised safety and hassle-free dependability. When you get a new handicap vehicle, your Bruno wheelchair van lift can be re-installed on a compatible vehicle.

Harmar | Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts

Harmar is one of our manufacturers who makes their business focus lifts for handicap accessibility in the home and on the road. United Access offers wheelchair lifts through Harmar for the minivan, SUV, truck and even the sedan. Harmar lifts can be installed on the exterior or interior of your handicap vehicle. Talk to our Mobility Specialists to discuss what options are available based on your need.

VMI Ricon | Platform Wheelchair Lifts

VMI/Ricon provides wheelchair platform lifts for your full size van. Some options include the Reliant, KlearVue, Clearway and Slide-Away. VMI focuses on handicapped lifts that do not obstruct your view in the side of the vehicle, the doorway and/or the passenger seat. Learn more about wheelchair lifts for your van of handicapped vehicle. Talk to a Certified Mobility Specialist.

Creative Controls Inc. | Armstrong Lift™


The Armstrong Lift™ Power-Chair, Scooter, Wheelchair lift and scooter lift provides adapted SUV users with the luxury and convenience. This wheelchair or scooter lift, in its folded position, creates 100% interior floor space without having to replace or modify the SUV’s rear compartment doorway. Mobility is now within arm’s reach with this innovative and space-saving personal mobility stowage lift.

The Ergonomic Handle has convenient Up and Down button controls and requires very little effort to swing the scooter or wheelchair into compact stowage spaces. Also, the Lifting Arm can be conveniently removed from one vehicle within seconds and reconnected in another, without any tools! (Installation Kit must be in each vehicle).

CCI Armstrong™ Lifts Features:

  • Innovative side-mount design increases rear bumper clearance for loading and unloading.
  • Powerful Actuation Motor has up to a 350 lb. lifting capacity and a lifting travel of 43 inches.
  • Device swivels on the steel ball for maneuverability while stowing, eliminating those tangled straps.
  • No obstruction of rear view when not in use, due to its low profile.

Get More Information on the Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts

Call a Mobility Specialist at 877-501-8267 and let United Access help you find the right wheelchair lift or handicap scooter lift for your mobility needs.