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BraunAbility Wheelchair Vans for Sale

AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Rear-Entry | Foldout XT | Infloor

Braun Pacifica Rearentry

BraunAbility® - Chrysler Rear-Entry Pacifica

When you combine the utility of a rear-entry vehicle with a spacious interior and style to spare, you get the all-new rear-entry BraunAbility Pacifica wheelchair van.

  • Most interior space of any BraunAbility rear-entry wheelchair van
  • Widest-ever ramp, plus more drop height and width
  • Patented two-position secure latch with anti-rattle technology

BraunAbility® Chrysler Pacifica Rear-Entry Features

Braunability Chrysler

BraunAbility® - Chrysler Pacifica Foldout XT

In the all-new BraunAbility Pacifica wheelchair van, every inch feels like a mile. It gives you all the space you need – and all the convenience you want.

  • Most interior space of any side-entry wheelchair van
  • The most doorway height and ramp strength of any wheelchair van
  • Convenient foldout ramp can deploy onto curbs for quick entry and exit

BraunAbility® Chrysler Pacifica Foldout XT Features

Braun Chrysler Infloor

BraunAbility® - Chrysler Pacifica Infloor XI

What you’ve been asking for. The most spacious wheelchair-accessible van on the road combined with the convenience of our widest and strongest infloor ramp in the industry. With a simple push of a button, you’re ready to enter or exit with ease.

  • The widest and strongest ramp in the industry
  • Ramp concealment helps the interior look closer to that of the Chrysler Pacifica minivan
  • Low ramp angle makes entries and exits effortless

BraunAbility® Chrysler Pacifica Foldout XT Features

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