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Sales / Business Development Specialist

Sales Department

The principal function of the sales / business development specialist position is to identify the wants and needs of a customer, and then provide the opportunity for those wants and needs to be met through the means of purchasing a mobility product. The sales consultant should help to discover the best possible solution for each individual customer in joint with their specific mobility requirements.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Identify, follow up with, and document all sales leads.
  • Establish and maintain client relationships during and after the sales process.
  • Fully educate customers about mobility products through detailed explanations and/or demonstrations.
  • Communicate new product opportunities, information, feedback, and concerns to the general manager.
  • Prepare and complete necessary paperwork in the selling and follow up of a mobility sale.
  • Work cooperatively with team members to provide the best possible customer experience.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:


Familiarity of the mobility industry and the different needs of one with a disability are recommended. It would be beneficial to understand automotive vehicles.


At least two years of post high school education is required.


At least three years of sales experience is required. Automotive and/or mobility sales are preferred.


One in this position should be persuasive, personable, outgoing and confident.
Communication skills, both orally and written, are crucial.

Tools Used:

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Outlook Express and a general Customer Relations Management (CRM} database system

Additional Information:

Many of our clients are people who are physically disabled in one way or another. All of these cases require the respect and thoughtfulness of all around them. It is vital to our industry to understand the nature of these disabilities and professionally assist clients in a manner that makes them feel confident in the product they are purchasing.


Sales / Business Development Specialist

“Being able to help customers in getting their independence whether it’s with a wheelchair accessible van, a wheelchair lift, hand controls or any of our other mobility products and seeing their smiles as they drive off our store….is absolutely priceless”

Employment Application

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