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Automotive Service Manager

Service Department

The primary function of the automotive service manager is to operate the service department so that the dealership may ensure a customer’s experience meets or exceeds the dealer and manufacturer customer satisfaction index. It is the service manager’s responsibility to manage the service technician team so that they may excel in providing the best possible service to our customers.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating daily operations for the service personnel, so that the department is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • The service manager is in charge of forming and carrying out the dealership’s policies as well as the manufacturers’ policies.
  • Build and maintain customer relationships with current and future clients.
  • Maintaining detailed, up to date service records of the cases the dealership has handled.
  • Monitoring and improving customer satisfaction by having regular communication with the service staff along with management of other departments.
  • Creating a positive working environment for the service team by properly managing the department. This includes interviewing, hiring, consistently training and appraising performance.
  • The service manager is also in charge of addressing service complaints and resolving problems/issues that arise between workers and in the field of work.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:


Familiarity of the mobility industry and the different needs of one with a disability are recommended. It is vital to confidently understand the engineering and mechanical components of mobility converted vehicles. Also, the service manager needs to understand the importance of a strong service department and how to direct employees to work as a team and reach optimal potential.


An associate’s degree in Automotive Technology or related field is required. A bachelor’s degree or training beyond an associate’s degree is recommended but not required.


At least five years of automotive service experience and three years of mobility experience are required.


The service manager needs to be able to perform each essential daily duty successfully. He/she also needs to be a positive motivator and a leader with great problem solving skills. Patience and persistence are vital, along with good communication skills.

Tools Used:

Electronic diagnostic equipment, digital manuals, reference materials, power tools, machine tools, welding equipment and hand tools

Work Environment:

  • The service manager will be working indoors in a well-vented and well-lighted repair shop.
  • There will be times when the shop will be noisy due to power and machine tools.
  • The manager will be frequently working in an area with dirty, greasy parts, and be working in awkward positions.
  • The service manager will also have to be able to move heavy parts/machinery up to 30 pounds.

Additional Information:

Many of our clients are people who are physically disabled in one way or another. All of these cases require the respect and thoughtfulness of all around them. It is vital to our industry to understand the nature of these disabilities and professionally assist clients in a manner that makes them feel confident in the product they are purchasing.

Employment Application

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