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Compare Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Compare Wheelchair Vans

Side Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vans are best if you have more room on the side to enter the parked vehicle. Side Entry Wheelchair Minivans have the most choices for you. We have a side-by-side comparison of the following Side Entry Minivans.

Rear Entry Wheelchair Accessible Vans are best if the side has limited room but the rear of the vehicle allows for a wheelchair user to enter. We have a side-by side comparison of the following Rear Entry Wheelchair Minivans.

All of our handicapped accessible minivans come with a wheelchair accessible ramp that either folds out and onto the ground from the inside of the vehicle (aka “fold-out ramps”) or the ramp comes from within the floor so it stays out of the way of the interior (aka “in-floor ramps”). All pre-converted wheelchair accessible vehicles start with a minivan from the car manufacturers you already trust: Chrysler, Dodge, Honda or Toyota. The conversions are done from BraunAbility, Eldorado Mobility, Ryno Mobility or Vantage Mobility International (VMI).

Wheelchair trucks are converted for a wheelchair user to enter on the driver or passenger side through an automatic lift through Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford or GMC trucks.

Wheelchair SUVs are converted very similarly to the minivan with most of the automatic options for side entry into the vehicle via the driver, front passenger or middle passenger position through Chevrolet, Ford or GMC SUVs.

Full Size Vans are usually converted for commercial use. They are larger wheelchair vans that typically have an automatic lift installed in the rear or the side of the vehicle through Ford vans.