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Will Medicare pay for my wheelchair van?

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Answer: Not typically

Medicare Part B is the only part of Medicare that might cover a wheelchair van only because it allows for coverage of durable medical equipment (DME). Typically, this is not an expense that is covered by Medicare. Check the Medicare.gov website for current information and coverage.

We are able to assist with financing. Banks are often unfamiliar with the added value of the wheelchair van conversion, which can result in less than ideal loan parameters. For this reason, we maintain close relationships with banks, grant resources and foundations in hopes of making it easier for you to find the right wheelchair van financing options. Many customers find that their local credit union also offers acceptable interest rates and options.

Let us help answer any other questions you may have by giving us a call, filling out our quick question form, or stopping by one of our showrooms. Our experts are knowledgeable and here to help. 

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