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Bruno Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

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Bruno Curbsider

Bruno® - Curb-Sider® Scooter Powerchair Lift

Bruno’s compact Curb-Sider scooter and powerchair lift offers maximum power with minimum effort — making it Bruno’s most popular hoist-style lift. The highly versatile Curb-Sider easily lifts and stows both standard and heavy-duty scooters and powerchairs weighing up to 400 lb/181 kg in most vehicles.

  • Top-selling Bruno hoist-style lift
  • Vehicle-specific design
  • Telescoping off-set arm version for wide bumpers/smaller vehicles and additional bumper clearance
  • Power lift, rotate, stow
  • Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle
  • Fold-down lift head allows partial third row seating/extra space when mobility device not present (optional quick release pins required)
Bruno Outsider

Bruno® - Out-Sider® Scooter Powerchair Lift

Bruno’s Out-Sider lift for scooters and powerchairs allows you to transport your mobility device on the exterior of your vehicle — allowing you to keep every inch of your interior seating and cargo space. Available for nearly every type of vehicle, Bruno’s popular Out-Sider offers specialized versions for scooters and powerchairs, including an option for mid-wheel drive powerchairs.

  • Bruno’s most popular exterior platform lift
  • Fully powered, single button operation
  • Automatic folding platform when not in use
  • Reliable, easy mobility device securement
  • Keep all your vehicle’s interior seating, cargo space
  • Low-profile design for rear-view visibility
  • Integrated safety latch prevents unintentional lowering
  • Drive on/off platform
Bruno Biglifter

Bruno® - Big-Lifter® Scooter Powerchair Lift

Bruno’s Big-Lifter is an affordable alternative to the Curb-Sider scooter or powerchair lift but requires a person to manually rotate the mobility device into the vehicle. The Big-Lifter is often a great choice when seeking a value-priced interior scooter powerchair lift and when a caregiver is present for operation.

  • Power lifting/lowering
  • Manual rotation of mobility device
  • Load from side of vehicle
  • Potential to reinstall in applicable vehicle
  • Vehicle-specific design
  • Fold-down lift head allows partial 3rd row seating or extra space when mobility device is not present (optional quick release pins required)
Bruno Outrider

Bruno® - Out-Rider® Wheelchair Lift

Use the wheelchair lift designed just for pickups. Sit near the truck cab, connect the Out-Rider to your mobility device, and press the button to lift and rotate your wheelchair, scooter or powerchair into the truck bed. Add a Bruno Valet Plus or Stow-Away to get in and out of your truck even easier.

  • Hoist-style lift specifically for pickups
  • Power lift, rotate, lower mobility device
  • Standard and heavy-duty lift capacities
  • Easy to remove and reinstall on another applicable vehicle
  • Fast operation
  • Rugged, reliable design withstands harsh weather
  • Hand-held control for easy use
  • Variety of outer arms for different cab models
Bruno Stowaway

Bruno® - Stow-Away™ Wheelchair Lift

Give yourself a power boost. Bruno’s Stow-Away power transfer seat gets you in and out of your truck with ease and no modifications to your cab. The Stow-Away discreetly hides under the truck in a sealed, rugged drawer. Press a button, the drawer opens and seat stops at your ideal transfer height. Then continue your rise.

  • Power transfer seat for pickup trucks
  • Space-efficient designs keeps cab space unaltered
  • Pop-up seat stored in hidden drawer
  • Get easily in and out of truck cab
  • One-button control opens drawer, raises/lowers seat
  • Factory seat and all functionality retained
  • Exterior-grade coating protects sealed drawer
  • Safety handle for stability while transferring

AVAILABLE OPTIONS: View All | Van Lifts | SUV Lifts | Car Lifts | Truck Lifts

TRUCK LIFTS: Curb-Sider® | Out-Rider® | Out-Sider® | Stow-Away™ | Big Lifter™

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