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Wheelchair Accessible Non-Emergency Medical Transport

If you’re in the non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) business and you want to explore the opportunity of transporting wheelchair passengers to improve your customer base and bottom line in these challenging times, United Access can help. We are a leader in providing wheelchair vans and the accessibility resources you need for your thriving business.

If you’re not already familiar with non-emergency medical transport (NEMT), it’s a form of transportation that allows people with disabilities the freedom to travel. Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) services are typically wheelchair accessible vans or small buses offering wheelchair accessibility for the rider. Most non-emergency transport vehicles come with wheelchair lifts or wheelchair ramps.

As you probably already know, the need for wheelchair accessible non-emergency paratransit service is increasing along with number of people in the U.S. living with a physical disability. According to the Office of Disability Employment Policy, the nation’s largest minority population is now made up of persons with disabilities. That population is comprised of more than 50 million people today. That means there are 50 million people who are unable to take advantage of using most of the taxi services available because they aren’t wheelchair accessible. This is an untapped market in most communities. Capitalize on this opportunity today.

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There are many organizations that help serve the needs of this growing community, however, the issue of proper transportation remains. A prime example of this is when people with disabilities integrate into the workforce. The lack of adequate transportation is a primary barrier to getting to work for individuals with disabilities. This is just one example of a basic transportation need. Safe and reliable wheelchair accessible transportation is a must in today’s hectic environment.

Interested in a wheelchair van for your transit business? Our Mobility Specialists are experienced with the unique and special needs of working with companies like yours. We can help you choose the right wheelchair accessible vehicle for your non-emergency paratransit needs. Call us today at (877) 310-7621 and let United Access customize the right solution for you.