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Wheelchair Van Ramps, Lifts, Products

At United Access, we offer a variety of mobility products, including wheelchair van ramps and handicap vehicle lifts. If you are new to the world of adaptable driving solutions and mobility products, give us a call and we will help you find the best driving solution.

Find the Right Driving Solution for Your Mobility Needs

Wheelchair vans with manual or power ramps are available for sale. We can also install wheelchair van ramps and other mobility product for you. All our Mobility Technicians are certified and trained in the installation of all mobility products we sell, as recommended by the manufacturers and the NMEDA QAP program.

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Converted Vehicles - Wheelchair Van with Ramp or Lift


If you are looking for the ability to get in and out of your vehicle while sitting in a wheelchair, check out our converted wheelchair vans. These handicap vehicles are converted from the brands you already trust so that a wheelchair van ramp or lift will allow you or a loved one to enter while staying seated.

Wheelchair Lifts, Scooter Lifts & Full Size Vans with Lift


Looking for commercial options or a full size wheelchair van with a lift? We have lifts available – sold separately and installed by us or sold with a new or used can. We also have lifts that allow you to store your wheelchair or scooter while you drive.

Transfer Seats, Accessible Seating Options


Are you looking for some assistance while getting in and out of your vehicle? We can install something as simple as an extra handle to grab onto while entering and exiting your vehicle or we can even install a seat that twists out of the vehicle assisting your entry and exit.

Securement Solutions & Wheelchair Docking Systems


Mobility passengers deserve access to the same level of safety as those around them, that is why United Access offers a large range of securement solution options. Browse through our selection of securement products from mobility manufacturers we trust.

Driving Aids, Accessible Steering Wheels & More


We offer driving aids and alternate steering options to bring accessible driving to your fingertips, and even for an amputee. These solutions are great for those with differing hand and foot abilities while maintaining the independence driving can bring.