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Wheelchair Accessible Conversion Vans

What is a converted wheelchair van?

Conversion is a term used to describe a SUV, truck or van that is now wheelchair accessible. This typically means that there is a ramp or lift for a wheelchair to enter and exit the vehicle. Other options include:

  • The ability to remove seats and replace them with transfer seats or seats that make it easier to move from a wheelchair to a bucket seat
  • An automated kneeling system to lower the angle of the ramp on entry/exit of the vehicle
  • The ability to drive the vehicle with the use of hand controls
  • A raised roof for increased headroom

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Does the conversion negate the manufacturer warranty?

No. The conversion of a van, truck or SUV into a wheelchair accessible vehicle does not change the typical warranty when you go through our conversion manufacturers (such as BraunAbility, VMI, Mobility SVM, ElDorado National). If you are purchasing a new vehicle, the warranty works the same as if you purchased a non-converted vehicle. If you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, the warranty transfers to the new owner throughout the remaining life of the vehicle’s warranty. You can check out the remainder of the warranty through the provided CARFAX link on the vehicle inventory page

If I purchase a wheelchair van, truck or SUV, is there a warranty on the conversion?

Yes. New wheelchair vans, trucks or SUVs, typically come with a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty on both the chassis and the conversion. This means that you have two warranties: one for the vehicle and one for the conversion. For more details on how warranties work, talk to your Mobility Specialist today.

How is a vehicle converted for wheelchair accessibility?

A vehicle is converted through a process of removing the interior, lowering the floor and/or raising the roof and adding a ramp or a lift. Then, the technicians replace the seats, floor, etc. back into the vehicle and finally, the exterior is repainted. The BraunAbility video above demonstrates the process of how it works.

Are wheelchair vans, trucks and SUVs as safe as non-converted vehicles?

Yes. Converted vehicles are just as safe as non-converted vehicles. According to the federal regulations through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), any manufacturer modification to any vehicle is required to be crash tested again, along with the other normal testing required for a vehicle.

Further solidification of United Access commitment to safety is founded through our sustained membership in the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. QAP holds mobility dealers accountable to the safety standards and regulations outlined through Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Can you convert my van, truck or SUV?

Yes. We can convert vans and SUVs. The automobile manufacturers we tend to work with are Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota and Honda. Contact your Mobility Specialist today to find out if we can convert your vehicle.

What options exist for converted vehicles?

United Access has many converted vehicles available, both new and pre-owned. Browse through our Inventory to find what options available to you.