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BraunAbility Chrysler CompanionVan®

Experience the Comfort & Convenience of the Caregiver-Friendly CompanionVan

If you want a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle that affords the convenience and comfort of preserving the original front row seats and center console, then the Chrysler CompanionVan may be exactly what you’re looking for. Its durable foldout ramp can be easily operated by hand, or upgrade to power controls if you have the need. What makes this option so affordable is that only the center section of the van is mechanically altered, as opposed to other vans that have more substantial alterations.

Unique Features to the BraunAbility Chrysler CompanionVan:

  • Conversion limited to the middle section
  • Durable, manually operated bi-fold ramp can withstand up to 1000 pounds (add power controls as an upgrade)
  • Front seats and rear bench remain factory original
  • Seat up to 6 able bodied passengers
  • Added Flip-N-Fold option in the 2nd row helps large families and caregivers alike
  • Third row footrest option

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