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Put Your Phone in Park

When you put your car in drive, make sure you put your phone in park. Don’t text and drive.

Texting and driving has become an epidemic among drivers in the U.S. It’s time to take notice. That’s why we want you to join United Access in the fight to stop texting and driving.

One of the most common distractions that cause crashes today is texting while driving. If you haven’t heard the popular analogy, texting and driving is like driving the length of a football field while you’re blindfolded. No text is worth hurting someone or taking a life.

Most states have a ban on texting and driving and some even on hand-held talking and driving.

  • 16 states ban hand-held cell phone use
  • Nearly all states ban texting while driving

If you aren’t familiar with the laws in your state, make sure you take some time to become familiar with the laws in your state.

Looking for ways to avoid distracting and driving?

  • If you can’t avoid the temptation, turn it off or change it to silent.
  • Download an app on your phone that lets people know you’re driving and that you’ll text them back when you get to your destination.
  • Keep voice commands and Bluetooth devices at a minimum. Even though these are hands-free, they are still distracting.

Studies have shown that people who read or write text messages while driving are 23 percent more likely to be involved in a car crash than other drivers. Here are a few app ideas that might help take away that temptation to text while driving:

When you put your car in drive, make sure you put your phone in park. Texting and driving is not worth the risk.

We want all of our customers to feel safe and secure when they are on the road.